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    BETTER PRECISION TOOLS CO., Ltd was founded in 2006, is located in Guangzhou Huadu District, GD Province. The company is committed to research & development of innovative professional, tool technology as the core, engaged in a variety of carbide standard tools, non-standard tools, inserts,  broaches and other production. The company's products serve in small parts, 3C, automotive, vortex compressors, molds, motorcycles, aerospace and other industries.

      Products include: drill, gun-drill, step drill, grinding turning insert, boring insert, MCD, PCD, CBN tool and non-standard tool, indexable milling insert, carbide endmill, solid micro boring tool, broach, automotive engine processing with various types of reamer, as well as the necessary holder & cutter.

    Tel: 020-39936598
    Fax: 020-37727718
    Mob: 傅先生 13760654377
    E-mail: bdinfo@bettertooling.com
    Website: http://www.tpinhui.com
    Zip code: 510880
    Addr: A5 Building Qifu Industrial Park,No.288Juhuashi street,Huashan Town,Huadu District, Guangzhou,China
    Links: BaiDu | 
    Addr:A5 Building Qifu Industrial Park,No.288Juhuashi street,Huashan Town,Huadu District, Guangzhou,China  Tel:020-39936598    
    CopyRight ? 2023 BETTER PRECISION TOOLS co.Ltd  All rights reserved  
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